What is a gummy or gummies?

They are food supplements that have a shape and taste very similar to a classic candy.

This galenic is often made possible by the addition of gelatin to the vitamin formula (as for classic candies) to make them soft and chewable.

Immunité Paris laboratories offer gummies without gelatin! We use an alternative called fruit pectin to design our vitamin gummies.

They are 100% vegan so without any trace of animal, but also without gluten, no added sugars, no artificial colors etc. ... Only our formula sunkissed is coated with a light crystal of natural sugar, to avoid the vitamins beta-carotene present inside to melt at high temperature.

For people who are used to consuming food supplements in capsule form, there is absolutely no disadvantage to taking our gummies.

As long as the dosage of active ingredients is similar, it will even be better assimilated by the body thanks to the sublingual absorption.

Indeed, the absorption under the tongue makes the active ingredients more effective and faster, the assimilation will be better.

However, be careful with vitamin dosages. Most of them have concentrations of active ingredients adapted to adults and therefore cannot be consumed by children under 18 years old.

Except for the formulas specially designed for them.