How to naturally boost your immune system?

Strengthening one's immune system means taking action all year round on one's lifestyle (changing one's diet, preserving one's sleep, practicing regular physical activity, walking, etc. ).

We can also use some natural products to help us fill our deficiencies: vitamins, trace elements, essential oils, food supplements etc..

Immunity Paris explains why to become immune and prepare for the arrival of cold weather, winter and diseases that come with it.

Then keep this good immunity all year long with the arrival of the heat and the sun of the summer.

What is immunity?

Immunity refers to our body's ability to defend itself against substances that threaten its proper functioning or survival. These threats can be microbes such as viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, cells that have become cancerous, or a foreign body.

In this context, the cold seasons, which coincide with a greater circulation of viruses -especially in the period we are going through-, are generally not welcomed by our organism. In terms of food, the unconscious need to build up reserves by eating more fatty foods can lead to intestinal inflammation. If immunity is at half-mast as winter approaches, it is not without reason.

We have created the happybody formula to allow our body to retain vitamins while cleansing our liver and kidneys.

For some people, the production of vitamins decreases between fall and winter, causing fatigue and stress.

It is not uncommon to have sugar cravings, especially at the end of the day or in the evening, when the days get shorter and the light decreases. This is quite normal: the body tries to compensate for the drop in serotonin in the brain. So boosting serotonin production means fighting against stress, and therefore boosting your immune system.

We have created the multivitamin formula to make up for our annual deficiencies in natural vitamins

But nothing is miraculous and nothing can replace a perfect lifestyle:

Healthy and varied diet, fruits and vegetables in season, a regular practice of sports, any physical activity such as walking, cycling, swimming, hiking, weight training, dancing etc...and of course good nights of restorative sleep.

We have created the bedtime formula to help you find a natural and better quality sleep.

The vitamins present in our formulas, allies of a good immunity!

Vitamin A: It stimulates the proliferation of white blood cells, and the production of antibodies by lymphocytes. It is also essential to the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa.

For a contribution, think of carrots, pumpkin or spinach.

Vitamin C: It is a powerful antioxidant that protects white blood cells and increases their mobility. It stimulates the production of cytokines, the messengers that activate the immune response. It is found in fruits and vegetables. The recommended daily dose is 110 mg per day.

Vitamin E: refers to a group of molecules called alpha-tocopherols. These are naturally present in food, such as in sunflower seeds or vegetable oils. Studies have shown that vitamin E compensates for the loss of immune response due to aging by stimulating the production of white blood cells and its interest in the fight against respiratory infections.

Selenium and zinc, two essential trace elements

Selenium, found in Emmenthal cheese, cooked ham or button mushrooms. At a rate of 50 micrograms per day, it is involved in the immune system by keeping a pool of white blood cells on alert.

Zinc, (seafood, poultry, cheese...) at a rate of 10 to 15 mg per day, protects cell membranes from infection by microbial agents. All these active ingredients, in quarterly cures, will replenish your annual stocks for a serene winter.

What is a gummy and why is Immunity Paris more effective?

We have reinvented a way to consume food supplements. Their playful galenic is very appreciated thanks to the good taste of fruits from organic farming