Our experts have created the multivitamins formula to boost your tone all year round. Using innovation, science and the best of what nature has to offer, each of the natural vitamins has been carefully chosen for these benefits. By combining them, we obtained the ideal formula:

The benefits and roles of vitamin D3

Stimulates the absorption and fixation of calcium and phosphorus in the bones. Calcium participates in mineralization, bone formation, their solidification and renewal. Stimulates the immune system (essential in winter). Helps maintain muscle strength. Protects against cardiovascular diseases to prevent and treat atopic eczema and high cholesterol, as well as to improve cognition. It also helps prevent breast and colon cancer, heart disease and multiple sclerosis. Lichen is the only plant to produce vitamin D3. The reason is simple, it is a hybrid plant that comes from the combination of a fungus and an algae. Pure vitamins present in this formula: D, A, B1, B2, B3, B5, Calcium, B6, B8, B9, B12, C, E It also contains polyenes and polyines, with antibacterial properties, many acid alcohols (diuretics), plant hormones. Finally, it contains arcti genin, with rich anti-tumor properties. But burdock goes much further. It protects its organs against the inflammation that is created by certain toxic products such as heavy metals, pollutants or certain drugs. Activate the elimination of toxins, we know that these toxins will in the process irritate and inflame the elimination organs, but burdock also has this powerful antioxidant and protective power and it will therefore protect the purification system against these irritants. Which is quite fabulous.

Vitamin K1

Contributes to normal blood clotting. Maintaining normal bones. Vitamin K1 an essential vitamin for health and well-being. Vitamin K is the least known of the vitamins, yet it is arguably one of the most important for the body. It is involved in blood coagulation, bone mineralization and cell renewal. It is all the more fundamental to be concerned about it since it is not produced naturally by the body and its contribution is only possible through food or our ranges of food supplements Immunité Paris .


Helps maintain the skin, hair and nails, It protects skin cells against oxidative stress, it acts in addition:
1.The immune system by increasing the number of lymphocytes
2.Healing of wounds
3.DNA and protein synthesis
4.Insulin metabolism
5.Bone maintenance
6.Development and proper functioning of the nervous system
7.Preservation of taste and smell


Helps fight against premature cellular aging. Promotes the beauty of hair and nails. Strengthens the immune system. Cleanses the body. The combination of selenium and vitamin E is beneficial for the body because their synergistic action effectively protects your cell membranes. in combination with zinc. Antioxidant effect guaranteed.

Extract rich in tocopherol: ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA = anti-oxidant

The main and best known role is its antioxidant role. It neutralizes the aggressive action of free radicals on the body, and protects cell membranes and fatty substances from oxidation. Therefore, it plays an important role in the protection and natural beauty of the skin.