Our experts have created the sunkissed formula for the well-being and beauty of the skin. Using innovation, science and the best of what nature has to offer, each of the natural vitamins has been carefully chosen for these benefits. By combining them, we obtained the ideal formula:


By combining pure vitamin C, Japanese knotweed root (polygonum resveratrol), vitamin A, beta-carotene, as well as extracts rich in tocopherols (alpha beta gamma delta), our experts from the Immunité Paris laboratory have created a unique and 100% natural formula. Thanks to its stimulating action on the synthesis of melanin, it helps prepare the skin for the sun by strengthening its protective functions. Natural brightener that reduces pigment spots, it is also a preventive anti-aging that activates the longevity protein, present in skin cells. You will feel the immediate effects on the skin and its well-being.
1. Restorative effect, increase cell life, help the growth of skin tissues and organs.

2. Soothing for sensitive skin, Helps reduce inflammation, cares for the skin, face and hands.

3. Maintaining a natural skin color and coloring that provides a healthy glow