Our experts have created the bedtime formula for optimal relaxation. Using innovation, science and the best of what nature has to offer, each of the natural vitamins has been carefully chosen for these benefits. By combining them, we obtained the ideal formula:


Escholtzia is native to California, which is why it is also called California poppy. It contains a mixture of alkaloids, but also carotenoids, flavonoids. For these reasons, escholtzia is classified as a natural sleeping aid, which makes it easier to fall asleep, as well as an anxiolytic and analgesic. The natural sleeping pill par excellence, In traditional medicine, it is used for its sedative, anxiolytic and spasmolytic effects, in particular against anxiety, sleep disorders, as well as toothaches and headaches. eschscholtzia contains alkaloids responsible for improving the quality of sleep. It promotes falling asleep, decreases nocturnal awakenings and prolongs sleep time.

Natural melatonin

Melatonin is synthesized during the night, in the brain, from serotonin, it promotes sleep and regulates our sleep / wake cycles.

Properties of melatonin

Melatonin plays many roles in our body: It regulates our wake / sleep cycle: the production of melatonin dictates its rhythm to the brain. It promotes sleep: at night, the production of this hormone signals the brain that it is time to fall asleep. It has beneficial effects against jet lag. It has antioxidant properties: an anti-cancer and anti-aging ally.

Extract rich in tocopherols = alpha beta gamma delta = antioxidant

The main and best known role is its antioxidant role. It neutralizes the aggressive action of free radicals on the body, and protects cell membranes and fatty substances from oxidation. Therefore, it plays an important role for the protection of the body.