Immunité Paris breaks the codes

The Immunité Paris laboratory breaks the codes of food supplements and vitamins, by creating unique formulas in the form of gummies, which combine research, science and innovation around the best that nature offers us.

We have assembled a team of experts with the same goal, to offer natural, better adapted and more effective solutions.

Reach a whole new level of pleasure, feel much better emotionally connected.

Why "immunity"

Immunity is our body's natural ability to defend itself against all infectious attacks. It is our main biological line of defense.

We have created a brand that protects us, takes care of our body and mind.

Food supplements and vitamins Immunité Paris, help to help our body throughout our life.

immunity reminds of a mechanism of defense, a reaction of the body through a natural process

immunity, immunitas,

The "immunity" gummies, a real difference

A more fun way to take nutritional supplements and vitamins, natural and cleaner.

Sublingual absorption is 5 times more effective than by the oral route, the active agent reaches the blood more quickly, passing directly through the tongue and the mucous membranes of the mouth, thus avoiding passage through the liver and therefore metabolization .

We have analyzed each ingredient, each vitamin and the best that nature can offer us.

Our goal : optimize the quality of our gummies, keep only the vitamins we need and thus develop formulas close to perfection.

All our gummies have a good natural taste of fruits from organic farming, forest fruits, cherries, peaches, apricots ...