Christophe Vialette CEO Immunité Paris Compléments Alimentaires Gummies

Christophe vialette

The founder

Pioneer on the market of vegan food supplements, Immunité Paris launched in 2020 and after two years of intense research and development, a range of 5 products from organic expertise based on fruit pectin, under the galenic of Gummy and entirely manufactured in France. Its founder

Christophe Vialette, former operational director of an international hotel group, has been working for twenty years in contact with a clientele in perpetual search of serenity. He wanted to develop a healthy well-being solution, without additives or modulating agents, which could be enjoyed by and around natural essences.

Vitaminized Gummies are vegan, gluten-free, without added sugars, without artificial colors or flavors and not tested on animals. Each formula has been meticulously elaborated by French biologists specialized in biogenetic paramedicine: Beauty, Detox, Multivitamins, Sleep and Sun.

They have been designed for women who want to blossom and purify their daily ritual, taking care of the beauty of their body In&Out.

The alliance of parapharmaceutical innovation and respect for ethics were two paradigms that motivated Christophe Vialette to develop products that combined science, innovation and naturopathy. By balancing the dosage of natural vitamins, the Gummies developed by Immunité Paris have succeeded in providing a real sense of well-being, after three or six months of use, depending on the treatment.

Immunity, the body's natural ability to defend itself against all infectious attacks, is the human body's main biological line of defense. Sublingual absorption is more effective than oral absorption and avoids any metabolism.

With its revolutionary Gummies, Immunité Paris offers women the possibility to take advantage of the best that nature has to offer. Because no profit can be selfish, Immunité Paris, a responsible and united brand, supports the association SOS Children's Villages France, by donating a substantial part of its net profit every year.

Our formulas are declared to the DGCCRF and our laboratory is certified ISO 9001, 22000 and 22716 in order to guarantee an optimal quality.